In oder to achieve it’s goals, EIGEP project is divided in 7 work packages.


Management & Coordination


Quality Assurance


Policy Context Analysis In Juvenile Justice Education

  • Identify European public context
  • Run “Education Results Chain” for partner countries
  • Draft current situation papers fro EU & partner countries
  • Stakeholder training on structured public hearing
  • Run structured public hearings in partner countries


Grass-Root Level Education Professionals Analysis In Juvenile Justice

  • Deliver a European profile of specific competencies
  • Run stakeholders check points for validation, with ABCD method
  • Release official profile


Development Of Learning Tools & Resources To Bridge The Policy Context And The Learning Context

  • Develop from profile a self-assessment tool, the on-line environment with structure for resources and the story board for the personal development part
  • Collection of materials for the resources to be uploaded on the on-line environment
  • Integration of materials & translation of structures
  • Piloting in each partner country
  • Developing the program Toolkit


Development Of Policy Action Recommendations Based On The Evidence Built In The Project

  • Semi-structured interviews with relevant European key players
  • Identify European good practice interventions
  • develop a set of public policy recommendations
  • Run stakeholders check points for validation in each country, with ABCD method
  • Run second check point in Romania inviting managers from justice and education from countries outside of partnership
  •  Deliver the European Parliament event


Dissemination And Exploitation Of Results For Policy Making

  • Develop strategies and action plans to deliver
  • Develop project visual identity and corporate communication tools
  • Disseminate the project at one activity at the European parliament during the life of the project by each partner
  • Take part in  European level conferences during project lifetime
  •  Organise end of the project event, European Parliament