EIGEP partnership consists of 4 member countries, 7 project partners.

With respect to geographical aspects the consortium covers Northern (LT), Southern (PT), Western (UK) and Eastern (RO) Europe. This is especially important in order to bridge the gap between the different approaches in teacher education and integration in the juvenile justice system.

EIGEP partnership common interest is the development of education, especially the one delivered in juvenile justice settings. We have worked together in previous LLP initiatives concerning prison education, special education, mainstream education, teacher training at all levels and concluded that the “missing link” towards a truly developed sector is the specific teacher education and training for teaching in juvenile justice settings. The consortium selected presents a well-balanced combination of managing, research and development skills.

  • At partnership level we have partners holding a relevant key expertise and all related actions revolve on the partner providing that expertise.
  • At national level: we have in each partner country a learning network pivoting around the formal project partners, network representing the directly affected parties
  • At European level, practice wise: all partners are involved in European projects concerning education and the justice world. They have a very powerful network of experts outside this particular partnership, experts that are in contact with throughout other projects.
  • At European level, policy wise: each of the 7 partners are part of strong European networks that directly communicate with European policy makers.