Main outputs of the project are:

Share experience and good practice and give rise to concrete results and outputs suitable for dissemination (methods, tools, materials, courses). Our developmental work is based on the already developed researches. The virtual library is based on available materials developed through European initiatives and showcased as good practice examples.

Quality assurance of education and learning, including the professional development of staff developing the competences and career pathways of teachers, trainers and other staff, for example through initial or in-service training and the development of suitable qualifications, improving validation-certification systems, and by exploiting the framework of key competences for adult learning staff. Our European induction support system covers all these criteria.

Improving the content and delivery of adult education through the production, testing, comparative appraisal/dissemination of innovative curricula, methodologies and modules for adult learners.

Improving the management of  education, measures to develop the learning dimension of organizations not primarily concerned with education. In EIGEP we tackle on a challenging environment: prison. And yet through our work we will give a substantial contribution in changing the prison settings from punitive to developmental.

WP3: Brief comparative analysis on the interaction between juvenile justice and education systems in 4 European Countries:

WP4: Key Competency Framework for teaching professionals working in Juvenile justice, including correctional criminal justice systems:

WP5: Development of Learning Tools Resources to Bridge the Policy Context and the Learning Context

WP6: Development Of Policy Action Recommendations Based On The Evidence Built In The Project