Target groups

Our target groups are persons and organizations that are:

  • Actively involved in the project:
    • Project partners
    • National administrations of penitentiaries involved as project partners or as invited to activities.
    • Teachers and work life representatives that will take part in the public hearings
    • Staff of the partners that will take part in the training activities
  • Whose interests will be positively affected either by the work of the project or the outputs from the project:
    • Staff from the prison administrations that will be trained in using the virual learning space
    • Young inmates form the prisons involved in the project, that will experience a new working method together with teachers
    • Universities in the partnership network by receiving a new training method for possibly a new curricula in prison education
    • Training providers in prison education that will get a very valuable tool under the form of competency profile.
  • Who may exert influence over the project or its deliverables:
    • Education establishments relevant for juvenile justice, ministry of education
    • European and international networks such as EPEA, EAEA, ICPA, EuroPris
    • National administration of penitentiaries.